Radiator Service for Prince Edward Island: Re-Cores, Repairs and Replacements

Anyone who’s seen a vehicle with smoke billowing out from its grille should understand the value of a properly functioning radiator. Whether as part of an internal combustion engine system or cooling motor in a refrigerated trailer, a radiator’s primary task is to remove heat from the energy source so it can function as it should.

A properly functioning radiator will keep your engine or motor from overheating and prolong the life of your vehicle, trailer or equipment.

Diagnosing a Bad Radiator

Some of the signs of a radiator going bad or coolant hose leak include:

  • Red or Green Coolant Puddles Under Vehicle
  • Overheating Engine
  • Need to Refill Coolant Constantly
  • Smoke from Grille

A note on pressure caps: While a bad pressure cap can cause issues with your radiator, you should never remove the cap while the radiator is hot. Doing so can lead to serious scalding since the coolant is very hot and under pressure.

Re-Coring Your Radiator

If we are unable to repair your radiator, we can re-core it with a core that is very similar to the original and will perform as expected.

Let Us Fix Your Radiator on Prince Edward Island

Mallett’s Radiator Service Ltd. offers radiator repairs, re-coring and replacements for trucks, trailers, farm equipment and refrigerated containers. For radiators that are beyond repair, we can replace it with a radiator designed for your vehicle or equipment.

Our radiator services are available for industrial, commercial and agricultural customers on Prince Edward Island. To schedule service, please give us a call at any time.

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